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Our top priority is to provide high-quality orthodontic care in a warm and friendly environment. To achieve this, we utilize some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques available, such as Digital X-rays, 3D Cone Beam Digital x-rays, Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen clear aligners,A self-ligating metal and ceramic brackets, functional appliances, Herbst appliance, AMDA appliance, orthodontics combined with mini implants.

We are dedicated to providing each of our patients with the compassionate and individualized care they deserve through a comprehensive set of orthodontic treatments for children, teens and adults.

Why Pasadora

Why Pasadora

    • Transparency

    • Carefully-explained approach
    • Regular updates
    • No unnecessary treatments
    • Free consultations
    • State-of-the-art equipment

    • Cutting-edge techniques
    • Less discomfort
    • Shorter treatment time
    • Shorter recovery time
    • Fewer visits
    • Long-term benefits

    • Improved digestion
    • Reduced risk of periodontal disease
    • Teeth less likely to break due to grinding
    • Better oral hygiene
    • Chewing more comfortably
    • Reduced headaches & jaw pain
    • Easier to brush and floss the teeth


Corrections of crowded teeth

Open bite

Deep overbite

Missing teeth

More than 32 teeth

Under bite

Spacing of teeth



Traditional Metal and Clear Braces

Selfligating (e.g. Damon Braces)

Invisible (Clear) Orthodontic Appliances

Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen™

Lingual Braces

Dentofacial Orthopedics

Removable and fixed preventative appliances

Removable and fixed retainers (essix, clear, bonded, hawley)

The team
Your Doctor

The team

Our full time Orthodontic Team as well as our visiting Orthodontist Specialist are always available to provide high-quality orthodontic services, by using cutting-edge dental technologies and techniques that cater to patients unique needs.

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